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Central Ave - St Pete 🌞

What's the coolest block in St Pete????
Central Ave is !!!
Here is what Http:// had to say about Central!!
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The 600 Block of Central Avenue is St. Petersburg’s coolest.

It’s here that a slug of strong java at Brew D Licious or a bowl of vegan pad thai from the Cider Press Café reflects the renaissance that's happening here. Fair trade duds at Illume Organic Apparel pile on the hipness.
Check out the boutiques that line the Crislip Arcade, built in the 1920s and given new life in the 2000s. Kids who’ve grown up with MasterChef Junior and sushi lunches won’t want to leave Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops until they’ve sampled coconut pistachio or strawberry habanero. For a buck extra, any pop can be dipped in chocolate.
In recent years, St. Petersburg has landed on must-visit lists from the New York Times, TripAdvisor, Forbes Travel and AmericanStyle arts and travel magazine. Fueling the city’s vibrancy is a robust art community and a craft beer scene that continues to bubble and brew. “God’s waiting room” as it was once known, is more like a heavenly rave these days, with downtown bursting on weekend nights with music and street life.

There are distinct districts to prowl, all of them punctuated with murals celebrating an array of subjects from Frida Kahlo to spinning dinner plates and snake oil advertising. On the downtown waterfront is tony Beach Drive, with its glittery high-rise condos, art museums and sidewalk dining. West of downtown, and still on Central Avenue, is evolving into a haven for local breweries, hipster restaurants and neighborhood bars. The scene is expanding south from Central where the Warehouse Arts District rises from a tangle of industrial buildings.
St. Petersburg is booming again, and the 600 Block, as it’s called, stands out as a destination that mixes old St. Pete with a fresh vibe. The 600 Block remains special for its nod to history; the low-profile buildings with their brick facades were born in the 1920s during another Florida boom period.

Most of the 600 Block was slated for demolition to make way for development just before the real estate bubble burst in 2008. Tattered antique shops had been shuttered for a couple years when a clever St. Petersburg city councilwoman had the idea to offer affordable rents to artists. The idea took hold and what was once a blighted section of Central has become an epicenter for independent commerce.

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