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Chick Fil A Christmas Lights Tampa - 2021

A Family Affair

After opening the doors of his restaurant at 6299 W. Waters Ave. in Tampa, Fla., 18 years ago, Dittman decided he wanted to do something festive for the holiday season. It started when he enlisted the help of his father to install a few lights and a Christmas tree on the roof. But it wasn’t long before the display of one multiplied into something far more magnificent.

These days his teenage sons, two programming installers and other helpers have joined the fun in hanging close to one-million tiny, twinkling bulbs. The nightly display lights up the week before Thanksgiving and remains lit until a week after New Years. “Our customers are very appreciative”, says Dittman. And according to him, there’s no getting out of it now, “They enjoy coming each year, and it becomes a family tradition for our customers and our community.”

Located on Waters Ave. Tampa, FL.

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