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Chill Caw-fee ☕ Hemp & Botanical

I am often asked “ Just what is Chill Cawfee?

We are a coffee and hemp social

Located at 3407 Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Valrico, FL 33596

And in the simplest terms are a full coffee house, in fact we partnered with a local roaster, the same group that does first watch, The Cheesecake Factory, and The Ritz Carlton.

We have our own peruvian origin house blend, and a rainforest certified dark roast, as well as fair trade certified.

We are also are a fully permitted by the state hemp cbd store with products that range from bath bombs to medical grade oil based tinctures.

Our experience in the Industry ensures we have direct relationships with the manufacturers and farms. This provides some of the best quality and price for you the consumer, and more importantly choice.

We have a few specialty coffee’s which have proven to be popular. Our Caramel Dream has the perfect blend of milk coffee and caramel sauce topped with a piece of real Caramel. The white chocolate and double dark mocha boost their own cake pops floating on the whip cream cloud. What a DREAM!

Our growler program is a great way to take our nitro coffee home, nitrogen is infused into our specialty brew and dispensed with a stout tap, Nitro tea, Euphoric tea, CBD Cold Coffee, CBD TEA and CBD KOMBUCHA, using chill powder or our MUV water soluble liquid tincture.

The fun does not stop there though, we work with local companies like Mother Kombucha. Kombucha is a probiotic beverage which is known to aide in digestion and promote good gut health. 90% of serotonin is created in the digestive track. We also carry elderberry, organic toothpaste, and artwork from local vendors!

We have a large gathering area, great for our paint puff and sip nights, which we host in partnership with Kebbi from “Our Place to Create”. We host these on Friday nights. Our Artisan Faire is twice a month where we bring together our neighbors to share our passions and enjoy the day.

We are available for private events and host educational and patient friendly social gatherings such as “Cannabis Weddings”, Comedy night, corporate holidays, or educational meetups. We also would be happy to quote your event to supply our mobile nitro coffee bicycle for your party needs. Chill Cawfee is much more than a local coffee shop. We strive to bring the community together at our inviting Valrico location. Enjoy pour over, siphon or French press varieties of rainforest alliance certified Coffees or try one of our infused herbal teas.

We strive to offer healthier beverages and education on how incorporating cannabinoids into your lifestyle could benefit your well being. Our education center brings together our neighbors and experts on alternative healing strategies and provides a social environment for like minded neighbors to meet and enhance their experience. Chill Cawfee will also host the Valrico Artisan Faire every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Bringing our local artists, craft makers and food vendors together for fun and support of the local community.

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