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SPECIALTY BITES - The Cheesy Todd - Specialty - Datz

Grilled Macaroni and Cheese as the bun!! Out of this world hamburger! Brand new location in Riverview.

One of the most reviewed businesses in Tampa Bay. Datz's newest location in Riverview offers outdoor seating on the patio and its large floor to ceiling doors will be open when weather allows. The signature orange poured-concrete bar is cool to the touch and the Datz signature wine bottle chandeliers as well an artisanally crafted Datz logo-sign will greet guests. Datz is fun American comfort food with a flair. Datz is where Tampa Bay's, chocolate-loving, bacon-hoarding omnivores and their vegan friends gather for cocktails and conversation. Led by a team of flavor crusaders, Datz's revolving door is one of invention and reinvention.

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