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Trattoria Pasquale - South Tampa 🍝

You want good, I mean great OK I mean FREAKING amazing Italian Food?

Located at 3671 S West Shore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629

Will this is the place and this is their story!!
Award winning Chef Luigi Cavallaro was born and raised in Bolzano, Italy. Chef's mission is to present real authentic Italian food in a classic Italian Family atmosphere.

Trattoria Pasquale began operations in 2012 in the beautiful South Tampa area. In 2017 we became Luigi's Kitchen, Inc. but we still retain the name Trattoria Pasquale, named after Luigi’s father, Pasquale Cavallaro (1923-2003). We are grateful that we have been able to delight and satisfy the culinary desires of thousands of customers, local and tourist alike.

Every year, Chef Luigi and Kim head to Italy to visit family and set out in search of new authentic dishes. On our return, our menu changes to incorporate the best of our discoveries. Bringing real Italian food - using old-world family recipes and new found recipes straight from Italy. Ingredients are always fresh - nothing but the best.

Each month, Chef highlights a different region of Italy - exploring in depth its culture and cuisine through his Big Night Event. This exclusive event is a customer favorite and sells out very quickly. See our Big Night page for more details. Chef also shops the market daily to create delectable specials from the finest local ingredients and has built a following of customers who come knowing they will be choosing from Luigi’s amazing creations.

Trattoria Pasquale is truly a hidden gem in South Tampa. Come experience the passion of Italian cuisine. Indulge in our customer favorites like Farfalle Luigi or Veal/Chicken Nonno Pasquale. From fresh seafood, traditional family recipes and many other Italian dishes, we take great pride in bringing true Italian dishes to you.

Only at Trattoria Pasquale will patrons feel the true Italian trattoria experience with regional and local recipes that fill our menu coupled with a relaxing and home-like atmosphere. Come in, become part of our family, and enjoy the essence of Italy right here in South Tampa.

We appreciate each and every one of you that has made Trattoria Pasquale's your favorite restaurant.

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